Experts in the recent past had been adamant that teen body building is a risk. Most advised against teens hitting the gym with serious training simply because they believed that such intensive exercises could strain and ultimately hinder growth in the teenagers’ bodies. The reason medics emphasized against teen bodybuilding was the fact that during teenage years the body is overburdened with hormonal changes and sexual development.

Besides this the bodies are developing fully in anatomy and masculinity or femininity and this involves a lot of changes that sometimes are over-strenuous by themselves to the teen. Teenage years are usually full of confusion and impromptu changes that if interrupted might severe normal development and maturation. The medics feared that body building if introduced at this point of life, could yield nothing else but negatives to the already chaotic bodies.

The concerns were expressed in good faith. Even today, it would be ridiculous to subject growing bodies to anything that can strain them until they initiate premature closure of normal growth plates. Teens should of course be cautious of undertaking any activity that may lead to stunted growth. But contemporary findings exonerate bodybuilding from the list of such activities. Even in the days when it was a no no zone for teen body builders, body building was never scientifically proven to be a cause of stunted growth or even a contributor.

If the teen bodybuilding program is carried out properly and complemented by supervised instructions of an expert or adult body builder, then delimiting injuries can be phased out. And without any injuries to muscle tissues the only thing that body building injuries can do is to amplify muscle development and organ maturity of a teenager.

Another key risk posed by bodybuilding among teens has been sited as the improper use or abuse of supplements. Indeed, modern body building exposes the ignorant and innocent teens to a world of illegal anabolic steroids and diet supplements that are in wide distribution among local gyms and training centers. Illegal steroids are a problem to our modern teen body builders and they present a risk that parents are not ready to take, quit often.

The immaturity of youth makes the teen body builders to pursue fast muscle builds with total disregard to the harm that steroids portend. Such carelessness is also carried over to the use of legal supplements to extents that the very health of these teenagers is threatened. Maybe this risk should be credited to our media and advertising channels that project supplements as mandatory components of bodybuilding. Such a wrong conception when believed by the teens can actually make teen body building a risk not worth taking. Appearance can never override health concerns and that is why teenagers must be guided to safely pursue bodybuilding with a critical commitment to proper workouts, diets and supplements.

In essence therefore, teen body building portends no risk at all to the youth. The risk lies in the practice of body building as it is today, inlaid with careless disregard of safety. Individual caution to proper training can prevent teen body building from conversely affecting the youth. It is therefore crucial that teen body building be guided and instructed closely by an adult expert or experienced body builder at all times.