Acne in Adolescents

To a great extent acne is a condition that flares up in teenagers. Acne erupts due to a combination of reactions following hormonal activities in the young bodies. This does not mean that acne does not occur in adults. Since it is a condition obtaining from certain specific conditions internal to your body, it can be seen in both adolescents and adults.

Adult Acne – The Reasons

Some people who had no acne during their younger years get acne in their adult years. Like it happens during the puberty phase and in later years, hormonal activities and imbalances occur during adulthood too. When this happens the excessive sebum produced under your skin will lead to inflammation that appears as acne. A majority of these adults happen to be women. There can be many reasons for these hormonal changes such as pregnancy and anti-pregnancy pills. Athletes, both men and women, tend to get acne because the body-building anabolic steroids that they consume cause hormonal hyperactivity. It may occur in patients too who are treated with lithium etc. Your doctor may help you in finding out the reason, if you, as an adult, get acne.

External reasons

Acne can occur due to external causes too. Reasons like constant pressure on the same spot for a long time like rubbing of objects regularly carried or wearing tight clothes made of synthetic material, which rubs a spot regularly can all result in acne appearing on those spots.

Chemically caused Acne

Chlora-acne is a kind of acne that is caused by chlorine. Generally, if a person works with chlorinated solvents for a long time is an easy target to chlora-acne.

Treating Adult Acne

Acne in adults is seen to be more Adult acne is thornier than in adolescents. The best way is to seriously and meticulously follow what your doctor prescribes. If you ignore adult acne can cause life-time scars.