Keeping yourself physical fit and healthy has become a compulsory part of our lives that we just can not ignore today. Also, while you might achieve the normal physical fitness levels, but then maintaining your achievement would be a rather difficult task. That is where bodybuilding supplements come in. To maintain ourselves considering our complicated lifestyles requires a lot of time and dedication, and that is why body building supplements have gained popularity.

They are basically intended for use by athletes and individuals who are involved in weight training. Also, they are being consumed by people who do take part in physical activity and want to develop an attractive physique. Also, they are used for reducing weights and to improve performance in sport games.

Androstenedion, also known as Andro is basically a natural body building supplement or steroid that gets broken down to form testosterones, but studies indicated that they really do not really help substantially in increasing the size of your muscles, strength or your performance in different sports. Also, excessive doses can cause effects similar to anabolic steroids. Teenagers should avoid these supplements as they can retard their height growth.

Creatine is again a natural body building supplement who’s elements are produced by our liver, kidneys and pancreas. It can also be consumed by eating meat and fish. Synthetic forms are also available at different markets and are used for improving strength. Creatine is known to cause weight gain, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea and cramps. Also, people with kidney problems should avoid the intake of creatine at all costs.

Fat Burners or Thermogenics, are manufactured using a herb called ephedra, and it stimulates and increases metabolism and is commonly used by athletes to improve strength and burn excessive fat, but at the same time can cause cardiac problems, strokes and can be fatal.

Do consult a doctor before you start consuming any of these supplements as their usage’s effect varies from person to person.